Pick the video.

Choose who gets it.

Send it!

Share your smile! Shoot a thank-you video on your phone
and upload it through the Growing Gratitude app.
It's easy, fun, personal, and authentic!
Welcome to the new world. I think we're going to like it here.

Upload a Video

Select a video from the ones you've taken on your iPhone and upload it. Make sure the video was taken with your iPhone horizontal, with the home button on the right of the screen. Easy as that!

Pick Your Contacts

Pick one or more contacts from the ones you've imported from your phone contacts or entered yourself. Almost there!

Send It!

Launch your gratitude out into the world with the touch of your finger. Way to share your smile!


This section could also be titled “You Mean My Thank-you Text/Email/E-card Isn’t Good Enough?” Look, we’re not here to judge you. We’re here because we wanted a way to express authentic gratitude which didn’t feel like a chore. In the past, we’ve tried giving thanks via all of the above (and sometimes none of the above), and they weren’t working for us. They weren’t good enough. Growing Gratitude is personal. It’s technology in a Sunday hat with flowers behind its back. It’s your own smiling face giving thanks! What could be better than that?


Research shows that counting your blessings positively impacts your outlook on life which positively impacts your actions and reactions.  WARNING: Gratitude has the aforementioned impact on both the giver and the receiver, and is therefore extremely contagious.  It could even potentially go viral.  Proceed with extreme caution.


If it’s a situation for which a thank-you note should be written, Growing Gratitude is your app for that.  Hang upside down on the monkey bars and thank your friends for birthday presents (you might seek the advice of an 8-year old first); present a thank-you + professional reminder of your unique qualifications for a standout post-interview contact; point the camera your way and speak your heart to a teacher, friend or mentor who helped you see things in a different light when you needed just that.  The possibilities are as infinite as the ways in which we enrich each other’s lives each day.